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“Dot in for motion” opens

The Indian Panorama – Non - Feature Film Section was inaugurated today at the ongoing 40th International Film Festival of India at Panaji, Goa with the screening of the English Film ‘Dot In For Motion’ directed by Anirban Datta. Sh Datta was present today at the inaugural screening of the film. A co-production with the Steps India and YLE Finland, his latest film, ‘Dot In for Motion’ has received the prestigious Jan Vrijman Fund and premiered in IDFA’08, Amsterdam.

‘Dot in for motion’ traces India’s recent growth after economic liberalization and the information revolution and its effect on the lives of the vast Indian populace. Does globalization really usher in liberty? Does the open market mean a more open society? Does it really foster democracy? Or is it a process of homogenization slowly taking over this nation of enormous diversity? The film neutrally records the voice of people, from lounge of the silicon city to a remote tribal village that never heard of electricity.

Shri Amlan Datta is the Producer of the film and has also done the Camera work. Music in the film has been given by Shri Pradip Chatterjee

Director Anirban Datta was born in 1975 in Kolkata and started his career as a screenwriter before joining SRFTI, Kolkata. Tetris, his diploma film was premiered in Cannes 06. Another one of his films Bhultir Khero (Chronicles of an Amnesiac) made for the Japanese public broadcaster NHK in 2007 won the special jury award in 55th National film Awards 2007 and the John Abraham award for best documentary in SIGNS 07, Kerala.

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