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Airfares for Haj pilgrims

The Minister of Civil Aviation, Shri Praful Patel informed the Rajya Sabha today that the number of pilgrims for Haj 2009 will be around 1,21,500.  The cost of travel per pilgrim for Airlines has increased considerably mainly due to increase in input costs, increase in embarkation points etc.  However, the amount charged per pilgrim as travel cost had remained static since 1994.

The Minister also informed the House that the fare being charged per pilgrim for Haj 2009 is Rs.16,000/-.  The total cost of Haj operations for the carriage of pilgrims this year is expected to be Rs.67,000/- per pilgrim, out of which Rs.51,000/- will be borne by the Government as subsidy.

The following facilities are provided to the Haj pilgrims by Air India:

·         Free baggage allowance of 45 Kgs. per pilgrim;

·         Provision of 10 litres of zam zam water free of charge to each pilgrim and carriage of same;

·         Box meal is provided to the pilgrims on departure from India and arrival into Saudi Arabia;

·         All other facilities as provided to the International passengers.

The Minister further informed the House that the Ministry of External Affairs has received representations to withdraw hiked fares.

Delhi International Airport Limited (DIAL) have made the following arrangements to ensure comfortable transit for Haj pilgrims:

·         Upgraded Haj Terminal for Operations;

·         Maintenance checks carried out;

·         Liaison with Customs, Immigrations, CISF;

·         Displayed Haj Signages;

·         Temporary Tentage created;

·         Provided temporary parking space for meters/greeters;

·         Deployed Traffic Marshalls & Raxa staff;

·         Tow crane kept ready for smooth traffic;

·         Alternate route to T2 & New Udaan Bhawan identified and repaired;

·         Barricading of Pedestrian routes and Traffic Marshalls to assist passengers.

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